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Free Traffic Methods – Increase Website Visitors for FREE

Free Traffic There are many different methods to increase your traffic for free.

Unfortunately, most of them take some extra time before you will start seeing any measurable traffic.

However, I am going to go over some free advertising methods that will increase your website traffic.

First, getting traffic from sources other than search engines and paid advertising will take either volume or you going viral.

It can be very difficult to go viral with something so let’s just focus on volume for now.

You should make a point to pick several methods off this list and try to use them every day. In the long run, it will really increase your traffic.

Increase Website Visitors for FREE
Ranking in Search Engines

The key to this is A LOT of QUALITY content TARGETED to your website’s keywords. You need to become an authority figure in the eyes of Google and other search engines if you want to rank high.

It takes some time (maybe several months), but with hard work and consistency, you will rank for the keywords you target. Try to post 2-3 articles per day to your website.

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Video Marketing Free Traffic

Using websites like YouTube and Dailymotion to post video content can seriously help your traffic.

Some people are able to make a living off of YouTube alone.

The main things to remember are to target certain keywords, keep your video under 3 minutes, and include a call to action to your link in the description.

Make sure you link to your website or a squeeze page at the very top of the description.

I also recommend putting text at the bottom of your video that says to click on the link in the description for more information.

The higher the quality of your video, the better chance you will have at getting page views and increasing traffic.

Social Media Marketing Free Traffic

This is not a quick method at all and definitely takes time. Free Traffic

I recommend trying to get followers through various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

I personally post all the articles I write and various snippets to my Social Media profiles in order to get traffic.

You might have to pay to get started in Social Media or else it will take a lot of time and effort.

Presentation Marketing Free Traffic

This has become very popular recently because it gives results.

This involves you going to websites like and uploading a ppt or pdf that contains information. Usually, you can create PowerPoint presentations or PDFs for every single article you write.

There are several different presentation websites that can help you gain traffic.