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Nmap Scanner complete commands with example tutorial

Nmap Scanning all commands with examples are in this tutorial,nmap is very powerful tool to scan all ports of target system.Nmap is very advanced port scanner which is used in penetration testing.

Nmap commands complete tutorial
Namp scanner is used in kali linux to scan ports of computers which are located in local area network.we can scan tcp ports of a website by nmap scanner.nmap scanner for windows is also available to use.we can scan ports by nmap zenmap for windows.nmap scanner is advance port scanner.Best tool for port scanning.
for advance nmap commands for hacking
# nmap -Up 143


To do a standard tcp scan on the reserved ports of host <target>:
> nmap target
To check the class ‘C’ network on which sits for popular services (via fragmented SIN scan):
# nmap -fsp 21,22,23,25,80,110
To scan the same network for all the services in your /etc/services via (very fast) tcp scan:
> nmap -F
To scan using the ftp bounce attack off of
> nmap -Db
To find hosts that are up in the the adjacent class C’s 193.14.12, .13, .14, .15, … , .30:
> nmap -P '193.14.[12-30].*'
If you don’t want to have to quote it to avoid shell interpretation, this does the same thing:
> nmap -P 193.14.12-30.0-255