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Alert! Gmail, Netflix, Linkedin account credentials leaked? 3 billion passwords reportedly hacked

If you have an account on Gmail, Netflix, and Linkedin, this news is for you. A massive repository of individuals’ data breach has been exposed and hackers have recently posted over 3 billion users’ credentials online as part of a data breach compilation, a report by BGR India has said.

According to the report, this is a massive repository of individuals’ data that’s been posted online, but it’s not the result of a new hack or data breach. As per CyberNews, this so-called “Compilation of Many Breaches or COMB” may be the biggest-ever compilation of hacked user credentials ever posted online before.

The report added the user data that the leak comprised a 2012 data breach at LinkedIn, which involved 117 million accounts, as well as stolen Netflix login data that started showing up online.

Another report by CyberNews says that these data leaks have occurred from platforms such as Netflix, LinkedIn, and Bitcoin. According to the information, the leaked data has been kept in a place in a password protected container.

To safeguard you from such frauds, here are steps you should follow

1. Use 2-factor authentication for your email account.

2. Change your password right now, and do it regularly going forward.

3. And use a solid password manager service to protect your accounts.

4. Always use a different password for different accounts.

5. Ensure signing out, whenever you use any different device.

Earlier in 2017, more than 100 crore people had their data leaked. Data of, and was leaked. It is being said that this data leak is also similar to the year 2017. At that time, data of more than 100 crore people were leaked in plain text.