Online Food Delivery System

The online food ordering system set up menu online and the customers easily places the order with a simple mouse click. Also with a food menu online you can easily track the orders, maintain customers database and improve your food delivery service. This system allows the user to select the desired food items from the displayed menu. The user orders the food items. The payment can be made online or pay-on-delivery system. The users details are maintained confidential because it maintains a separate account for each user. An id and password is provided for each user. Therefore it provides a more secured ordering.

Key Features of Online Food Delivery System

Admin Dashboard

Admin has all the rights of the Restaurant System. Admin can Update his Account Details


Admin can Add,Update,Delete,Activate/De-Activate Menu. Admin can Add, Update, Delete, Activate / De-Activate an Item.


Kitchen Managers
Delivery Managers


Admin can View,Activate/De-Activate Customers who Registered into this site.


Admin can view all Orders here. New Orders Under Process Orders Out to Deliver Orders Delivered Orders Cancelled Orders

Loyality Points

Admin can provide points to users. If Enabled Point System is set to ON, then users will get points when registered, book an order, for first-order, etc

Referral Settings

Admin can provide points to users by Referral concept. If Referral Enabled is set to ON, then users can Refer their friends.

Location Master

Service Provider Locations. Admin can Add, Update, Delete, Activate/De-Activate Localities (PINCODES) to which his Restaurant provides service.

Payment Settings

Email Settings, Paypal Settings, Social Network Settings, SMS Gateways, Pusher Notification Settings,


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